Online Sales Funnels

90% of all transactions in your industry begin online. Earning business online means having multiple online sales funnels. These are landing pages that represent “mini sales presentations” that people in your local market see and respond to. While your website will be their next stop, online sales funnels is how people initial engage. We not only have the technology for you to build unlimited online sales funnels, but we’ve also built “Done-For- You Online Campaigns (SpiderPro only)” that you can immediately use to generate your own leads online.

1. An online lead capture page
2. An auto-responder (they provide their contact info in exchange for what comes next)
3. Drips – unexpected added value
4. The lead is 100% managed by the system and triggers your inbox when it’s time to call them

It is a lot of work to build 1, let alone multiple funnels right? Don’t worry, we’ve done all of this for you. (SpiderPro)

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Workflow Automation

What is workflow automation? In simple terms it’s automating your entire follow up. Its taking everything administrative and creating automation around it. Workflows contain a combination of calls, emails, letters, videos alerts and reminders at precise times; and we’ve built it all for you. The schematics and the content; done for you. The end result? Right now if you’re like most over 50% of your workweek is on non-sales activity. Spider will cut that number to 5% and NOTHING will fall through the cracks.

  • Lead Conversion Workflow automation –referred and cold lead automation
  • Deal Pipeline Workflow automation- manage the entire in pipeline deals by pressing buttons
  • Online Sales Funnel Workflow automation
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CRM & Getting More Referrals

We don’t just provide the tools. We provide the strategy!

It’s no secret that the top 1% of all sales professionals are diligent at both building and engaging their database. The end result is a referral pipeline that produces consistent high income each year. While most either don’t do anything to organize and engage their database, some simply don’t know what truly triggers a community of people that are always promoting you.

Today’s elusive consumer does not have the time to read lengthy emails. What does work today are modern day forms of communication: Video, texting and social media engagement. In simple terms: communicate how they communicate. Spider was built with these forms of modern day communication right inside the system so that you can reach, engage and attract more referrals from your database. Included in your purchase is a referral system we call Bird Dog. Bird Dog is proven and is the single greatest referral engine that exists in the marketplace today. Bird dog is a training course and a methodology that will maximize the referral opportunities that exist inside of your database

  • Contact Management
  • Intelligent Links
  • Social Connector
  • Client Touch
  • Birthday Assistant
  • Email integration

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Product Comparison

Contact Management
Auto Responders
Contacts & Calendars
Landing Page Creator
Email Blasts
Done-for-you Online Sales Funnels
Done-for-you Follow Up Workflows
Done-for-you Emails
Done-for-you Letters
Done-for-you Pipeline Management
Video Email
Voice & Text Marketing
Free Live Coaching
Intellingent Links
Follow Up Sequences

Done for you Content

Professionally written emails and letters. 5 Professional Videos you will use to inform your customers. Done for you content tied to your workflows means push button marketing and communications for you...

5,000+ Realtors, Loan Originators & Insurance Agents Use Spider To Run and Manage Their Business


  • $39.95/Month
  • CRM
  • Video Email
  • Voice/2 Way Texting
  • Landing Page Maker
  • 1 Free Done For You Online Sales Funnels
  • Create Your Own Workflow Maker


  • $97/Month
  • Done For You Online Sales Funnels
  • Done For You Workflow Automation
  • Done For you Emails Content
  • Done FOr You To Do Plans
  • Video Email
  • Voice/2 Way Texting
  • Free Weekly Live Coaching

Spider Light: You do The Work
Spider Pro: Its All Done For You
*Spider Pro One Time License Fee: $997.00

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